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Where to get your images printed?

I highly recommend using Rocket Repro for head shot printing. They are located in gastown and they are the printing pros in Vancouver.

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Casting Services

  • Casting Networks The leading provider of casting and audition management software to the casting industry. Casting directors and agents worldwide use Casting Networks to source and manage talent across film, television, digital and commercials projects facilitating over a million auditions per year.
  • Breakdown Express is how talent agents submit their talent online and how casting views submissions of pictures, resumes, and videos. After selecting talent, casting directors can schedule actors as well as upload auditions for producer and directors to review.
  • Actors Access is the actor’s side of Breakdown Services. It is were actors maintain their acting profiles, resumes, add skills and manage demo materials. There is some ability to self submit to auditions that Casting Directors are willing to receive submissions for directly from actors.
  • Casting Workbook A professional online casting service used by performers, agents, casting directors, producers, directors and studios.