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outdoor portrait of tri color border collie

Pet Portraits, Sunshine Coast, BC.

I started Candace Woods Photography in 2012 and specialize in capturing portraits with connection in a timeless and authentic way. I believe that applies to and includes all our family members. In 2022 I started pet portraits for those of us that want to capture our pets in high resolution portraits to remember them for years to come!

Group pet photo of 6 dogs, border collie, lab and jack russells.
Black background equine portrait of a thoroughbred cross horse.
Bay Horse portrait on black background photo of a show jumping horses rear.
Photo of two border collie puppies 6months old.
Studio photo of a dog catching a treat making a funny face Outdoor moody pet portrait of black and white dog in forest fern foliage
Outdoor moody pet portrait of tri color border collie in forest fern foliage Studio photo of red border collie wearing a bandana
Cute white french bulldog photo sitting in a field of purple flowers
Young female tri color black, white, gold border collie. Cute teddy bear pomeranina dog wearing a blue bowtie.
Cute 8 week old aussie shephard puppy with two different colored eyes. mug shot of a pug puppy
Equine horse professional fine art portrait in bridle on black background.
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